Cozy Weekend

Hi. So I can finally say I'm officially settled into my new apartment. And it feels like home. Minus being the only one here. It's been a rough week but after going out Friday night for a Karmaloop and Concepts party at a strip club, I felt somewhat relief with Boston. 

The sun is finally out and the snow has entirely melted. And thank god theres a Whole Foods literally 4 minutes away from my place. It's seriously my biggest pro with choosing to live in Cambridge. LOL. I thought I was going to hate not having my car out here but it's so convenient not having one since parking is such a bitch. I feel like its San Francisco all over again. But with that being said I still miss home and I think about everyone back in Cali 24/7. 

I'm still trying to adjust to everything in Boston. Therefore bare with me please!

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Keeping my baby Jeni warm

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My new hood in Cambridge what it do

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This Salmon burger literally gave me life after suffering through low-key depression hahahah


chill in very hard in my kitchen

Wearing: American Apparel Cropped top, OMWEEKEND Camo skirt, American Apparel socks, Wasteland shoes

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