California to Boston

What up readers! Ya gurl Noodles is back to this blogging game. After being on a HUGE hiatus I was almost convinced I was finished with blogging because I've been so busy. But after accepting a job offer in Boston it was only right to document my journey from moving across the country. By popular demand I was bound to get back into blogging after receiving so many emails and messages from my lovely followers to get back into it, to inspire the youngin's

It's just crazy how different the weather change is. I went from sunny palm tree days, to straight up snow in the spring. And if you know me I'm always in shorts and cropped tops. Now I'm in boots and coats. But it's all good, I'm way too juiced to gain the experience I need to learn out here in the East Coast.

Everyone is beautiful out here. So many colleges and historic monument places. I've been literally looking at every single architectural building to gain inspiration for future shoots. The floor is cobblestone galore, its amazing. I was actually skating with my brother 2 days ago down the freedom trail road, and it was awesome! 

My family came last Thursday, to help me move into my apartment. But they're now gone :( 

Here I am chillin on my new bed from yesterday

Wearing: vintage Ralph Lauren chambray button up, DIY Levis cut offs, H&M socks


Photos by: young jerry